CSR・Environmental Policy

We advocate a “CSR Policy” and an “environment Policy”, aiming for a better community together with all stake holders.

President and Representative Director, Izumi Kamata

CSR Policy

We, of course, respect basic human rights and at the same time as providing an environment which employees can work at ease, we strive to make a company that makes the employee’s characters and personalities come to life and enable their strengths to be manifested. We promote the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our everyday activities.

Environment Policy

We follow closely the laws concerning environments, and strive to reduce the impact on the earth’s environment. 1. We strive to choose materials which having a low environmental impact. 2. We promote energy-saving to realize a low-carbon-society. We strive to save and circulate resources for a sustainable use of them. 1. We promote the reducing, reusing and recycling of resources.


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