Soft Capsules

Features of Soft Capsules

Soft capsule is a made of a membrane filled with fluid content and molded into shape. There are various shapes. It excels in sealing and in stabilizing the content liquid and can be preserved for a long period of time. Since both liquid and solid contents can be processed together, it is widely used as health foods and dietary supplements.

Production Process of Soft Capsules


The materials are weighed as prescribed. It is mixed and degassed with a base made for the solution liquid. The gelatin which is to become the capsule, is melted down, is adjusted the viscosity and made into a gelatin solution.


With the use of a rotary soft capsule encapsulation machine, 2 gelatin sheets are passed through a pair of cylindrical die rolls. The gelatin sheets are punched out and formed with the pressure of the rotating die rolls. The content liquid is pressed in from a pump at the same time.


The capsules are dried.
The capsules have a high moisture value immediately after formed. Therefore, they are slowly spin dried with a tumbler.


The dried out capsules are put into a sorting machine. Any capsules out of standard will be removed.


When our customer wishes to have a letter or a mark on the capsules, we do so using a laser marker.


The soft capsules are examined by a roller type examining table. The rotating capsules make it possible to examine the entire capsule.


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