Hard Capsules

Features of Hard Capsules

Hard capsules are made by filling powders or granules into a cylindrical body and putting a cap on. Compared to soft capsules and tablets, hard capsules can be filled with fewer additives, therefore it can be made with high blending percentage of main ingredients. There are no processes of heating or pressing, so the loss and degradation of the ingredients can be minimized.

Production Process of Hard Capsules


The materials are weighed as prescribed. They are sifted to ensure no foreign objects are contained and to make the size of the powder consistent. After that, a mixer is used to mix the material uniformly.


After an empty capsule is divided in two halves, the lower half is filled with the mixture, and then the upper half is put on and both halves are joined.


The hard capsules are examined by a roller type examining table. The rotating capsules make it possible to examine the entire capsule.


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