Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

Kamata Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kamata”) hereby establishes the following stipulations regarding the handling of private information in the website Kamata runs (hereinafter referred to as “this website”), and strive to protect private information.

2. Private Information Management.

Kamata shall maintain the information of customers in an accurate and in the latest state, taking safety measures to strictly manage private information, taking needed measures such as maintaining the security and management system and being thorough in the training of employees, to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage of private information.

3. Concerning the Use of Private Information

Private information acquired from our customers shall be used for the purpose of making contact from Kamata, introducing business information or to reply to a question sent.

4. Disclosure of Private Information

Kamata shall manage the obtained private information appropriately and will not disclose it to any third party with the exception of the following circumstances.
・When there is a consent of the customer.
・When there is a need to offer service which the customer wishes to be done, by a company which Kamata entrusts with operations.
・When it is required to disclose the information by law.

5. Observance of Laws and Regulations and the Revisions of Policy

Concerning the obtained personal information, Kmamata shall observe the Japanese laws and other regulations as well as, at the same time, revise the content of this policy appropriately and strive in improving it.

6. Disclaimer

Regarding the viewing of websites and collecting of information using this website, it is requested that, determining whether the information suits the user’s need, determining whether the actions of saving, copying or any other use of information may require any legal rights or not, and adhering to the laws and ordinances of copyright, confidentiality, slandering, maintaining dignity and export, all be done by under the user’s own responsibility.
Regarding the use of this website, Kamata shall not be called to account of any trouble, loss, damage or etc. of any sort.
No assurances regarding the legality, accuracy, morality, currency nor of the authorization to exploit works, can be made of the websites and software introduced in this website.
Kamata shall not be called to account of any sort, regarding the information, service and so on provided in other websites you visit using the banners and links shown in this website.

7. Copyrights

All contents in this website are the property of Kamata Co. Ltd. Any use without a written permission, with the exception of personal use, is forbidden.

8. Disclosure and Correction of Private Information

When there is a request of the disclosure of private information by the customer himself, Kamata Co. Ltd. will do so without delay.
The disclosure will not be done unless we can confirm the one requesting is the customer himself.
When there is a flaw in the personal information and the person himself made a request to correct, make additions to or to delete the contents of the information, it will be done without delay after examination.
This action will not be done unless confirmation is made of the one requesting is the customer himself.
If you have any requests or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information of Kamata Co. Ltd., written above, please contact by the means below.

【Contact Number】

Kamata Co. Ltd., Department of general affairs
TEL: 03-3458-1103
Business hours: 8:30~17:15
You can also contact us through our homepage.

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