New Technology and its Development

Kamata Co. Ltd. Development Department

To strengthen the capability and the drive of developing new products, Kamata Co. Ltd. newly established the development department in 2012. Every day, we study and develop new ways of pharmaceutical production which cannot be done by any other companies, drawing the line between conventional production studies and mass production trials.

By locating the base of the development department right next to the sales department, we can swiftly research the needs and wants of the market which changes according to time. From there we reflect those voices to a new preparation, always introducing a new product to our customers.

To be able to inherit the most valuable thing in the history of Kamata, “the trust of our customers”, and to further gain their trust in us, the development department, has set


as our department motto, developing, not only new capsule prescriptions, but also needed manufacturing equipment.
Also, we are not limited to foods, but we positively do research and development in view of breaking into new business fields.

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