Introduction to Various Packaging

We are able to package in various ways, such as aluminum pouch packaging, glass bottles, plastic bottles, PTP packaging, stick packaging and bulk packaging, according to our customer’s wishes and product specifications.

Aluminum Pouch

Aluminum pouch excels at being airtight and light shielding.

Glass and Plastic Bottles

Because glass and plastic bottles are tough, the preservation stability of the bulk cab be easily maintained. If the bottles are opaque or colored, it can also be light shielding.


Because every dose can be packaged individually, stick packaging ensures the hygiene up to right before the content is taken in and it also is portable.


Because each pill is packaged individually, PTP packaging is highly airtight, easy to keep and to use, enabling to maintain the product quality.
After packaging, it will be inspected by a weight checker, metal detector, by eye and so on. These are able to appropriately deal with each kind of packaging.





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