Seamless Capsules

Features of Seamless Capsules

Seamless capsules, a type of soft capsule, are made by utilizing the quality of interfacial tension of liquid. The shape can only be in a sphere, due to manufacturing methods, but literally, a “seamless” capsule can be made. There are qualities such as containing the active ingredients until immediately before use and preventing the smell of the liquid content to leak out. Further, comparing with other kinds of capsules, there are plenty of materials to make the capsule out of (gelatin, agar and other polysaccharide thickeners) to fit the various needs of our customers in many fields.

Production Process of Seamless Capsules


The content liquid and the capsule solution are each mixed in a tank designated for the making of seamless capsules.


The capsules are made by Kamata’s original seamless capsule encapsulating machine.


The capsules are dried out using a tumbler dryer designated for seamless capsules.


Capsules are sifted according to its diameter.


Each capsule is individually inspected by an inspection machine designated for checking seamless capsules.


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